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Welcome to your home in Oaxaca
This is how the magic begins in our home.

In 1980 my parents, based on effort and sacrifices, acquired the property, and until 1999 they were able to complete its construction. After several years in operation, in 2013 they decided to withdraw and close the hotel.


Some time later I saw the possibility of forming a family with María and San Antón was the ideal place to do so. So we oriented the concept of San Antón towards tranquility, security, sports and personalized experiences ad hoc to the needs of our guests, because we want to be able to make them feel at home from a little corner of Oaxaca.


Our objective is to attract tourism to our state, promoting employability, and the beauty of tourism in Oaxaca. Our hotel is a family business that reflects our values: Warmth, respect, friendliness and trust. Come to Oaxaca and stay with us, we will make you feel at home.

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