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are you looking for a Bike Hotel?

A bike hotel in Oaxaca would offer a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts visiting the region. Some features of a bike hotel in Oaxaca could include:

  1. Secure bike storage: The hotel should have a secure and locked area where guests can store their bikes, with individual bike racks and repair tools available.

  2. Information on cycling routes and maps: The hotel should provide guests with information on local cycling routes and maps, including terrain information, route length, and difficulty level. Staff should also be available to help guests choose the best routes based on their skill level.

  3. Laundry service: Cycling guests will need access to laundry facilities to wash their cycling gear after a long day on the road.

  4. Appropriate food and drink options: Cyclists need proper nutrition to maintain their energy during rides. The hotel should offer healthy and appropriate food and drink options for cyclists.

  5. Transportation services: The hotel should provide transportation services to guests who need to be picked up or dropped off at a particular location after a ride.

  6. Relaxation and recovery facilities: After a long day of cycling, guests will need a place to relax and recover. The hotel should have facilities such as a spa, pool, sauna, massage room, and more to help guests recover and unwind.

  7. Connection with other cycling services: The hotel should have connections to bike rental services, bike shops, and repair services to assist guests who need to rent or repair their bikes.

In summary, a bike hotel in Oaxaca should provide everything that cycling enthusiasts need to enjoy their trip and rest properly for their next adventure.

Hotel San Antón is improving its facilities and could offer you all you need for your bike holidays.

nowadays we can offer you a safe space for your bike , tools, pump, so you can clean your bike after road.

book at www.hsananton. com

see you in Oaxaca

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